Tuesday, November 6, 2012

My baby slept through the night!

This week our 14 month old slept through the night for the very first time! To make that happen I tried many things, but two made the difference. First: I finished breastfeeding, which improved our night rest enormously, because she stopped waking up every three hours to be fed. Second: we went to see a medium: Truus Hartsink. With use of high sense perception she diagnoses the cause of physical and emotional problems. She felt the sleeping problems of our baby to be related to an extra high level of a certain mineral, and prescribed a homeopathic remedy to balance it.
Like Truus predicted, we started to notice changes after six weeks: our little one began to fall asleep in my arms within five to ten minutes after bedtime, which made an end to my endless evening stroller walks. She stopped pushing me away when I held her. She got a better doable sleeping rhythm. And recently she climbed into the stroller and fell asleep all by herself. Miracles exist. Thank you Truus!
Are you desperate for a remedy, but no idea which one? Go to http://infokit.nl/truusinfo.

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