Thursday, November 22, 2012

Enlightenment (for ladies only)

There are many ways to enlightenment. Some sit on a cushion for twenty years, some maneuver themselves in all kinds of strange body postures, some prostrate their way there, and then there is the way of the Tao for ladies. This involves a jade egg that one uses in a certain manner. My Healing Tao teacher is not prudish at all; she formulates this in a very juicy and direct style. But I am not like her, so I trust you to understand what we do with the egg.
Anyway, using the egg has many advantages, like deep relaxation, inner peace, natural beauty, rejuvenation, more sexual pleasure and healing trauma. So there we were: fifteen ladies, under a blanket, working our egg (which is done, as our teacher says, by ‘just smiling and looking stupid’).
Does it work? Well, yes. It turns out to be a great way to go inside: as soon as I sit behind the computer too much, my head gets restless, and it’s very difficult to fall asleep, so I take the egg to bed. It helps me center, connect to my body, relax and sleep, and then my dreams become very vivid. Furthermore I feel more present and less reactive (just been doing it for a few days now) than I have been recently. I am still waiting for the rejuvenation to take off, but I like the idea of sleeping and relaxing my way into enlightenment. (By the way: it is said that the egg gets black after a while, so it’s definitely doing something!)
Ilona Botterweg teaches Healing Tao in Amsterdam:

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