Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Take advantage of 2012

In 2012 several unique astronomical events will take place. On so called ‘activator dates’, the planets come together in exceptional constellations. Their alignment will make new energies available, leaving their imprint on planet and people. These energies are going to change the way we live our lives. Even our DNA might transmute. June 6, when Venus passes the sun - visible from here as a little black spot crossing the golden surface - is one of these dates. So is December 21. 

To be able to receive the new (higher) frequencies, ceremonies are very helpful. Ceremonies form bridges between visible and invisible worlds. Especially in community, we can anchor these energies in our bodies and expand our awareness; by feeling, by being conscious of the event, and holding a full intent.
Dutch shaman Patries van Elsen helped Ralph and me prepare for the ceremonies we will lead this year. In meditation we connected to our blood. My energy field started to vibrate. It expanded and contracted and expanded again. I went through a gate, to a more refined level of energy inside, and again, and again. Until my DNA was touched.  
It is said that after 2012, with the help of those frequencies, we are able to manifest our longings much more quickly than before. That is: if we dare to trust, and start living our destiny. The only thing we need to do is to let go of old structures, believes and fears, and fall together with whom we really are. 
To attend our ceremony on June 6 in Amsterdam, subscribe through info@hermelijnvandermeijden.nl. More ceremonies: www.patriesvanelsen.nl en www.ralphfreelink.com. Astrological background: http://www.inzichten.com/artikelen/astrologie-artikelen/samenvallen-met-jezelf.html.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

The universe provides

When I felt lonely, I feared I would never have a relationship. When I found a partner, I panicked about not having a child. When the baby came, I was scared we would never get a decent home to live in. Yet we were given this spacious, comfortable apartment at a fair price. Moreover, we were provided with most of the baby stuff. At every stage of not having what I longed for, trust was key. Whenever I was able to shift my focus from fear to faith changes started to happen. It was like creating a doorway for the helping forces to move through. Like they no longer bounced back on the walls of my worries. So from experience I know: the universe provides. It gives me all I need. And yet I cannot stop creating scary images. This time I dread lack of money. I do what has worked before: I (make an effort to) surrender to not-knowing, I (struggle to) welcome the unpleasant feelings, I shift my focus to trust, and I am grateful for all I receive. (Which is quite a lot.) But again I am nervous. Although a bit less than in the past. I do not totally believe fear any more. The universe provides.
(Picture Erik Buis: www.erikbuis.nl.)

Thursday, May 10, 2012


At the Easter Cemetery in Amsterdam you can walk into other dimensions. It begins at the gate, where a golden guard watches over the visitors. But before you enter the burial ground, look right. Just in front of the entrance is plenty of space to park your rational mind.

Once inside you’ll notice some blossoming trees. The garden looks beautiful this time of year. And then you’ll meet this ‘common maple-tree that is not common at all’. It understands what it is like to have lost a dear one. Open your senses and feel how it caresses your cheeks and embraces you softly.
Lady’s from another era stroll the lanes, with rustling skirts and sunshades. A carriage with horses passes the graves. A little soul, not longer on this plane, is playing with a dog. Giggling fills the air. I feel the spirits so closely I can almost see them. The cemetery vibrates with aliveness.
When you continue the sound journey, you’ll end up at a little green building. It’s the ‘galactic computer, portal machine’. Step in, close the door; push the black button, and solfeggio tones fill the space. In old ages these sounds were used to enter deeper levels of consciousness and to travel to other dimensions. After fifteen minutes of toning I am balanced and totally at peace. My feeling of dying has deepened again: it is a passage, not the end.
Afterlife is an exposition about our final destination, at the Ooster Begraafplaats in Amsterdam (till 1 July). The sound tour and the portal machine are an art project by Nathalie Bruys: www.nathaliebruys.com.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Fear of Death

The sun turned red. Summer time had just begun. We went to the beach, my friend and I. It felt warm, nice. It had been a long time since we were together.
We entered an apartment. Before the window stood a large bed, looking out over the sea. Next to it was a chair. There he sat: a young guy, in his twenties. He was cold, wore a hat. The doctors said he would soon die. They had done all they could.
The message made him loose his faith, despite his hope. He was angry. Why him? ‘I may be leaving people behind’, he said, ‘but no one realizes I have to go all by myself.’ ‘Where to?’ we asked. ‘Infinity. Infinite loneliness that is. A big black hole.’ He was paralyzed with fear.
They had brought a wheelchair into his home, but didn’t ask if they could. It made him angry too. He was not going to say goodbye.
We sat on the bed. In silence. My friend took his head in her lap. I sat next to him. We shared some love and comfort, and hoped he would glimpse another part of reality. The energy in the room changed. He felt free for a moment.
We drove back home in another state of consciousness. We were filled with compassion and humility. Behind us people sounded their horn, impatiently. Another car driver aggressively stuck to our bumper to show his discontent. I decided, again, to be grateful for every single day.
This weekend he died. 

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Eye Gazers

Ben Risby Jones is an Australian healer. At the age of 19, he was struck by a ball of white light. Suddenly he could hear other people’s thoughts and feel their emotions. Now he travels the world teaching about the purpose of life. His specialty: eye gazing. I recently attended his workshop in Amsterdam.

We sit opposite each other, holding hands. I slowly open my eyes and look for my partner’s. I choose the right one, and start gazing. He doesn’t blink, meets me; gazes back. Deep down in my belly I feel the memory of loneliness. It fades, and another experience surfaces: pure white light shines through him. I feel at home. Two spirits become one.
The next round. I find myself gazing into the eyes of a beautiful woman. I have never been so intimate with a stranger. Her pupil turns into a gate, allowing me to feel deeper into her being. Her energy seems so soft, yet familiar. I just love this frequency. Am I exploring her, or myself (without judgment this time)?
The next round. A big man. A totally different experience again. An energetic reality arises: I see him in the woods; sense the depth of nature. He is a healer, a medicine man, in another lifetime.
The next round. An unpleasant, revolting sensation comes up. My body aches. I want to die. Life is pointless.
After fifteen hours of eye gazing, I have felt and seen myself on countless levels: I am a being with pain, feelings and convictions. I am a soul travelling through life times, gaining wisdom. I am a spirit, confined by bodily limits. I am infinite light.
Ben Risby Jones will be giving more workshops in Europe and the US: http://www.lifeessences.com.au/workshop_calendar.html

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Shaman's Initiation

It was a beautiful spring day, when we drove to Pinjum. Pinjum in Friesland, near  the closing dike, surrounded by meadows. We were heading for our initiation. It was my second. Last time I was initiated in the heart, this time my vision was up. When the door opened, two huge, barking dogs greeted us. Just behind we saw the 'paqo's' - the shamans: Don Modesto en Don Bernardino. Two tiny little men, colorful ponchos, knitted caps, crooked legs, callous on their feet. They had a huge energy field nonetheless. The youngest, Don Modesto, was struck by lightning. Not once. Three times. It was his initiation to be a healer. His father, the very old Don Bernardino, became one after a poisonous snakebite. Two days before they had arrived in Rotterdam. Never before they left the mountains. And now they had taken the plane, to bring their wisdom to the West. During my third eye initiation they worked with the energy of Pacha Mama, the eagles and the Pleiades constellation. I flew with them to other dimensions. After the session they were served lunch. I keep having this image: two little men, in ponchos, in a villa on flat soil, eating sauerkraut. In shock. 
The paqo's give healings, initiations and courses. For the Netherlands see: