Monday, April 8, 2013

Get real, get ayni

In the teachings of the paqo’s (Peruvian shamans), ‘ayni’ is very important. You have to live in ayni. Ayni means ‘sacred reciprocity’, it means living in right relationship to Pachamama (Mother Earth) and yourself. Being in ayni is being connected with your center, and melting with your soul. It means balance between giving and taking. It has to do with love, respect, gratitude and exchange of energy. So if you take something from Pachamama you give her something in return. The paqo’s don’t waste food, and give thanks to Pachamama for all she offers, because maintaining the balance is in their nature.
In most parts of the world we don’t live in ayni, at all. We take and throw out our waste. We lost the connection with the living earth beneath our feet. This morning I went on one of my garbage trips, picking up plastic bottles, cans and cigarette boxes, honoring Mother Earth. It made me feel really good, so I guess that was her way of thanking me. I wonder if this is how ayni feels: grateful, soft, and openhearted?
According to the paqo’s ayni is living in alignment with reality. I wish everybody would get real, and get ayni. I wish ayni were a Dutch, German, Spanish, Chinese, Russian and an English word. I wish ayni for the planet and ayni for our souls.
More paqo teachings you’ll find in ‘The Path of the Energetic Mystic; A Key to Open Your Heart’, by Inge Teunissen and Dennis Alejo Mango.

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