Thursday, May 2, 2013

Sleeping with the dolphins

Have you ever had the experience the universe is trying to direct you to a specific place at a specific time? I do. Last week I coincidentally spent the night with dolphins. It was the result of four or five seemingly random, yet connected steps.
It was an amazing experience. As soon as we entered the Dolfinarium, the soft dolphin energy encapsulated me, filling my body with a tender and heart opening vibration. Then, while in meditation, the deep, dark, strong pulsation of another species - the walrus – joined the gentle frequency. This was utterly grounding. I don’t remember ever feeling so connected: to the earth, a group of others and myself at the same time.

Sleeping next to the basin was a blessing. For years my body was unable to handle all the changes I went through. I have often felt lightheaded and disconnected. As a result I suffered from sleeping problems. Not this time. I slept like a log.
I woke up early. The dolphins were playing right next to me, making their high-pitched and otherworldly sounds. Sunlight shone on their graceful bodies. I rose joyfully and with a light, open heart. My mind was very sharp.
Looking back it felt like a healing. As if the creatures helped my brain to finally adjust to the higher frequency I so long have been working towards, balancing left and right, masculine and feminine. Yesterday my feely husband commented: ‘You have been shifting back and forth between lower and higher frequencies for years. It’s like you finally moved into new territory. Your energy has definitely stabilized since you went there.’
I would totally recommend a pajama party with dolphins. Manuela van der Knaap facilitates meditations and sleepovers at the Dolfinarium in Harderwijk. (Sometimes with children, from age 7.) Next sessions will be on 31 May and 29 June. More information:

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