Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Coming home

‘Why did you sign up for this training?’,  asks the Peruvian shaman. I have been asking myself that precise question for a while now, and I am not exactly sure, so my answer comes as a surprise: ‘I want to connect to the source. It’s sometimes so hard to stay linked to the world of living energy… We don’t learn to be in touch with mother earth and the cosmos.’
I start crying, unexpectedly. I can’t stop. I didn’t realize how much I missed the connection: ‘There is such a strong pull from society not to go there, to discard other dimensions. So I do not always manage to trust, believe and know my experience is true.’
Don Claudio looks at me, filled with compassion. I feel the vibration of his energy field. It’s so natural; feels like home. He says: ‘Your soul talked to me this morning. We understand how difficult it can be to grow up in a different paradigm. The fear to be who you truly are is great. We’ll help you develop your seed.’ On leaving the room I feel such a great sense of relief.
So, that happened last week, and since then I am peaceful and more connected to my heart, others and reality. It is as if my field has picked up on a new frequency; the very subtle and deep vibration of the Big Mother. There is such a comfort in that.
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