Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Earth calling

I have been feeling quite unpleasant since giving birth: basically unearthed. Maybe I disconnected from my body during labor, or maybe it’s just my whole set-up (feeling safer in the higher chakras than in the lower ones) expressing itself more clearly now. Especially at night the disconnectedness gets to me: I stay awake for hours. Therefore I recently made grounding my top priority. My plan boils down to: more physical activity, less computer time and carefully attending to my needs.
I now start my day, when possible, with Osho’s dynamic meditation, which is very grounding; it connects you to your breath, sex center and feet. Yet the grounding process is not necessarily a pleasant one. When energy starts running, it hits frozen and stuck places in the body; where we hold, don’t breath or don’t dare living. I sometimes struggle staying aware of the sensations, and I have been throwing up (energy, not food). Yet, there is a reward: I feel centered and invigorated afterwards, and where my energy felt flat and my heart cramped, flow returned.
Lack of grounding is a societal phenomenon. We walk on rubber soles, live in concrete buildings and spend most of our time inside. On top of that our main focus is on the head and knowledge. So we deprive ourselves of essential, nurturing energy, which we need to be healthy: that of Mother Earth. As a result we suffer from all kinds of discomfort, like sleeping problems, depression and illness. Of course, there’s also a whole industry to provide the solution: earthing products. My ‘personal grounding plan’ involves one of them: an ‘earthing mat’, which I use while writing. Don’t ask me how it works, but I do feel my feet at the moment, and I am not flying around.
For more information on earthing products, go here.

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