Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What spouses do on a Wednesday morning!

Peruvian shaman Don Dante told me recently I needed to die. He meant dying in my old role to make room for something new; something more in line with my soul’s purpose. Now is dying not my everyday hobby; actually, it’s quite an effort to let go. I rather hold on to things. Fiercely.
But, I do have the great fortune to be married to a fine healer, who was trained to administer the death rites (the shaman way). These rites can be done after death, but also before. If done before, you die a little, like it was meant to be: you let go of old structures and believes that keep you from change, from moving to higher grounds.

So this is what spouses can do on a sunny Wednesday morning: I am facing my husband, and my death. I hear him read my eulogy, I forgive some people, he clears my energy field, he says goodbye dear, and off he sends me, to upstairs. I like it up there: I am warmly welcomed by my ancestors, and I feel happy, peaceful and playful. Coming back is, like dying, not what I look forward to: I feel resistance on the way down. Fortunately my landing is soft: I am looking into the blue eyes of my beloved.
By dying before you die, by looking back on your life and feeling your unhealed traumas, by forgiving before it’s too late, by saying goodbye and letting go of your dear ones, you make room in your body. So when your spirit returns after a little trip through the universe, there is more space for it than before. Therefore, this time, it can incarnate (= come into the flesh) more deeply.
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(Picture: Alex Grey)

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