Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Eight ways to manifest your wishes

Manifesting our deepest longings… isn’t that what we all want? I realize I am quite good at getting what I wish for. Last year my great dream (finally) came true: I had a baby; I married, and moved into a spacious, brand new apartment. I received a wedding outfit and rings, and also a complete baby equipment (strollers, bath, dresser, cloths, etc.). We easily found a new practice space, and recently I became the proud owner of a toilet seat, that I just needed. So, what can you do to get what you want, or speed it up a bit?
  1.   Make your intention clear. Put your desires into words and be precise. The main cosmic law is: energy follows intention.
  2.   Do rituals. New moon is the time to plant the seeds of your longings. Make a list of what you want, and revise it every new moon.
  3.   Visualize. Ground your ideas into the earth. You can use a guided visualization. (I have one by Nini Gridley).
  4.   Invite the angels in. Every once in a while we are asked to host a few angels for a couple of days. They bring harmony to the home, and help manifest. (Might work even if you don’t believe in angels.)
  5.   Giving is receiving. By holding onto things or money (or whatever) energy stays where it is. Stagnated energy is in the way of abundance.
  6.   Trust! Fear of not getting enough prevents energy from flowing. If you like the universe to work for you, make room in yourself and let it come through.
  7.   Do your process. My teacher Barbara Brennan said: if you haven’t realized what you want, it means your blocking that precise chakra. (So: trouble getting a new house, or money? Work on your first, that is: grounding and trust. Not able to find a fulfilling relationship? See what’s going on in your second chakra, and work on loving yourself, etc.)
  8.  Let go. You have no say over when or how your wishes will come true.

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