Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Art of Manifestation

Every once in a while someone asks if we would like to host a bunch of angels. We always say yes. It is a nice way to work consciously with our intentions. So, this morning they arrived. They will stay five days. On the fridge are a candle, an apple, a white flower, and a letter with our wishes. During the day we connect, and thank them for their presence.
Believe it or not, the angels bring abundance to our home. This last year people gave us so much, I can hardly believe it. Manifestation of our desires seems to go quicker every time they pass. I just need to put the question out there, and it manifests shortly after.
This week our toilet seat broke. ‘We need a new one’, I said. The same day one of my friends e-mailed: ‘This might be a strange question’, she said, ‘but would you like a toilet seat? I have a spare one.’ 
The universe can be so funny.

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