Friday, June 22, 2012

What is healing?

In my healing career I have received maybe hundreds of healings. From Peruvian and Dutch shamans, Celtic and Kabbalistic healers, ‘Harry Potter’ fellow students and senior Brennan healers, an Australian eye gazer, psychic healers, healers who work with angel, dolphin and kundalini energy, or at long distance, and a healer who does her magic ‘only’ on the physical and therefore doesn’t want to be called a healer. O yeah, I almost forgot the most painful ones I got; from Balinese healers, who work your tendons like guitar strings. 

And still, it’s almost impossible to explain what a healing contains, or means. Healers follow their intuition, but often don’t really ‘know’ what they are doing. They ‘open up’ to the energy present, and facilitate anything that wants to come through. Healings are a matter of intention, timing, synchronicity, surrender and space created in the meeting between healer and client. In the end you don’t get a verbal answer on what it was about. You just know that it is ‘right’ because things fall naturally together. 
Today I went to see Emmy, a dolphin healer, who practices just around the corner. I lie down, she holds my head and the healing begins. I feel and see many different things, but I will keep it short. What matters is that our experiences match. Her perceptions meet my feelings. They are an answer to my initial question and give me the insight I need right now. Everything seems to be congruent, which tells me something happened on a level I cannot really grasp.
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