Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Fierce energies

I thought I was prepared. Having done a fair amount of spiritual work and personal process, I considered myself ready for 2012. I – sort of - believed that I had already digested the stuff I needed to. It was my time to enjoy now, and maybe help others to get there too. So, was that an illusion! There are no guarantees. We are vulnerable. Period.
A week ago, on June 6, Ralph was hospitalized because of fever and speech problems. He said ‘heater’, when he meant ‘bread’ for instance. Sometimes words came out backwards. Doctors thought he might have a brain infection or injury, gave him a high dosage of antibiotics, and put him through a series of medical examinations, which were quite traumatic to witness. Only to find out nothing was wrong.
In the emergency room I experienced a rollercoaster of feelings, but I also had faith. I knew his brain was not affected in a physical way. I assumed an energetic condition from the beginning. But still, my fear was bigger than my trust, so I let him undergo the insensitive medical interventions. I feel sad I did, and, paradoxically, great relief and gratefulness that they proved his brain to be totally fine.
He was sent home, and we wondered: what happened, and why? For now we suspect the cosmic shifts: the moon eclipse plus the Venus transition. Especially since we have heard of quite a few others exhibiting strange symptoms, including troubled speech. I am not sure this is what I meant, when I said ‘take advantage of 2012’ in my previous blog.

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