Saturday, June 9, 2012

Hen night

I am about to get married and this week I had my hen night. Although, it wasn’t at night and everything else was different from the usual also. I wasn’t dressed up like a bunny. I didn’t have a ‘kiss me’ sign around my neck. I didn't get drunk. And yet, it wasn’t boring.  On the contrary: it was super intense. The next day I was totally worn out, like one should be after a bachelorette party. 
My friends performed a ritual for me, in order to help me make the transition from single to married woman. In a beautiful Mongolian yurt, lit by candles and with a fire in the middle, there were ten of my closest friends; half of them on a spiritual path, the others not. Some even have a slight resistance when it comes to these kind of things. Yet, they all showed up and were open to the whole mystery of it, because they felt it meant a lot to me.
So, there they were, sharing their thoughts and feelings, being honest, without holding back. There they were, giving me a group healing. There they were, crying with me. They even sang ‘Spirit is walking on celebration road’, while beating shamanic drums. They were seriously involved, only giggled once, because of the completely unusual, even weird setting.
I thank my friends for their love and their courage. For helping me let go of the things I don’t need anymore. For teaching me how to be a married woman: by being faithful to myself first. And I am grateful for their transmission of all the energies one needs in a marriage: love, support, positivity, autonomy, fun, enjoyment, care, silence, and love for the shadow as much as for the light.
The ritual was facilitated at Reijgersbroeck in Amsterdam:

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