Sunday, May 20, 2012

The universe provides

When I felt lonely, I feared I would never have a relationship. When I found a partner, I panicked about not having a child. When the baby came, I was scared we would never get a decent home to live in. Yet we were given this spacious, comfortable apartment at a fair price. Moreover, we were provided with most of the baby stuff. At every stage of not having what I longed for, trust was key. Whenever I was able to shift my focus from fear to faith changes started to happen. It was like creating a doorway for the helping forces to move through. Like they no longer bounced back on the walls of my worries. So from experience I know: the universe provides. It gives me all I need. And yet I cannot stop creating scary images. This time I dread lack of money. I do what has worked before: I (make an effort to) surrender to not-knowing, I (struggle to) welcome the unpleasant feelings, I shift my focus to trust, and I am grateful for all I receive. (Which is quite a lot.) But again I am nervous. Although a bit less than in the past. I do not totally believe fear any more. The universe provides.
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