Thursday, May 3, 2012

Eye Gazers

Ben Risby Jones is an Australian healer. At the age of 19, he was struck by a ball of white light. Suddenly he could hear other people’s thoughts and feel their emotions. Now he travels the world teaching about the purpose of life. His specialty: eye gazing. I recently attended his workshop in Amsterdam.

We sit opposite each other, holding hands. I slowly open my eyes and look for my partner’s. I choose the right one, and start gazing. He doesn’t blink, meets me; gazes back. Deep down in my belly I feel the memory of loneliness. It fades, and another experience surfaces: pure white light shines through him. I feel at home. Two spirits become one.
The next round. I find myself gazing into the eyes of a beautiful woman. I have never been so intimate with a stranger. Her pupil turns into a gate, allowing me to feel deeper into her being. Her energy seems so soft, yet familiar. I just love this frequency. Am I exploring her, or myself (without judgment this time)?
The next round. A big man. A totally different experience again. An energetic reality arises: I see him in the woods; sense the depth of nature. He is a healer, a medicine man, in another lifetime.
The next round. An unpleasant, revolting sensation comes up. My body aches. I want to die. Life is pointless.
After fifteen hours of eye gazing, I have felt and seen myself on countless levels: I am a being with pain, feelings and convictions. I am a soul travelling through life times, gaining wisdom. I am a spirit, confined by bodily limits. I am infinite light.
Ben Risby Jones will be giving more workshops in Europe and the US:

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