Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Shaman's Initiation

It was a beautiful spring day, when we drove to Pinjum. Pinjum in Friesland, near  the closing dike, surrounded by meadows. We were heading for our initiation. It was my second. Last time I was initiated in the heart, this time my vision was up. When the door opened, two huge, barking dogs greeted us. Just behind we saw the 'paqo's' - the shamans: Don Modesto en Don Bernardino. Two tiny little men, colorful ponchos, knitted caps, crooked legs, callous on their feet. They had a huge energy field nonetheless. The youngest, Don Modesto, was struck by lightning. Not once. Three times. It was his initiation to be a healer. His father, the very old Don Bernardino, became one after a poisonous snakebite. Two days before they had arrived in Rotterdam. Never before they left the mountains. And now they had taken the plane, to bring their wisdom to the West. During my third eye initiation they worked with the energy of Pacha Mama, the eagles and the Pleiades constellation. I flew with them to other dimensions. After the session they were served lunch. I keep having this image: two little men, in ponchos, in a villa on flat soil, eating sauerkraut. In shock. 
The paqo's give healings, initiations and courses. For the Netherlands see:

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